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Executive Function strategies help students handle challenging tasks as they set goals, shift flexibly, organize materials and information, and self-monitor and check their behavior and their work. Executive function is critically important for ALL students, from elementary school through college, whether learning in-person, remotely, or hybrid.

It’s clear that teachers, parents, and students need executive function strategies now more than ever. But where should you start? Learn the answer to all your EF questions from the experts! Our free webinars are a great way to begin your EF journey or explore a perspective on executive function that may be new to you.

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Free Zoom Webinar: Executive Function and Self-Checking: Helping Students Learn from their Mistakes

May 10, 2022 4:00-5:00 pm EST (recording will be available)

Many students struggle to learn from their mistakes. Whether we are asking them to check their work on long-term assignments, projects, or tests, or to examine and correct day-to-day behavior, students of all ages have a hard time identifying errors and understanding their personal areas of growth. Executive function strategies are a powerful tool to empower students to develop an accurate understanding of their strengths and challenges and to use this knowledge to check their work and adjust their efforts accordingly.

Join the SMARTS Executive Function team for a free webinar where we will explore hands-on and easy-to-use strategies you can use to help students learn how to check their work. We will examine the reasons why so many students struggle to learn from their mistakes and discuss ways to support students across grades and content areas. Attendees will receive access to a free lesson from either the SMARTS elementary or secondary curriculum that they can use with their students right away. Register now and save your seat!

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You can view recordings of previous webinars on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for more great executive function resources!

Looking to get some hands-on executive function training and professional development? Join us for one of our upcoming Executive Function Trainings. including the Executive Function Essentials Series. Build your executive function toolkit with sessions that cover topics such as metacognition, organization, flexible problem solving, motivation, engagement and even math and dyslexia. Learn more here!