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Executive function is critically important for ALL students, especially during times of distance learning and accessing academic tasks online. EF strategies help students to handle challenging tasks as they set goals, shift flexibly, organize materials and information, and self-monitor and check their behavior and their work.

Teachers, parents, and students need executive function strategies now more than ever as they all scramble to adjust to the rapidly changing pace of remote and home-based learning. Learn from EF experts everything you need to know about supporting the executive function needs of students from elementary school through college.

Join us for our EF Experts Winter Series, as experienced educators from ResearchILD and the SMARTS Executive Function curriculum explore the ways executive function explains many of the challenges our students face, as well as easy to use and practical strategies for empowering the success of all students in the classroom.

We hope you can join us!

Executive Function and Project-Based Learning

Tuesday, January 26th, 3:30-4:30 pm EST

Project-based learning is becoming an increasingly popular way to engage students in deeper learning; however, many students struggle to complete projects to their teacher’s expectations. Between time management and organizing notes to reading comprehension and successful editing, the executive function demands of projects can easily overwhelm both teachers and their students. In this presentation, we will explore how to embed executive function strategies in project-based learning, helping students complete projects successfully while building executive function strategies they can use in other classes. See you there!

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Looking to get some hands-on executive function training and professional development? Join us for our winter/spring series: Executive Function Essentials. Build your executive function toolkit with sessions that cover topics such as metacognition, organization, flexible problem solving, motivation, engagement and even math and dyslexia. Learn more here!