Students Talk About SMARTS

“The best thing I learned in SMARTS is that I am smarter than I thought!” –9th grade student

“Using a strategy gives you a different understanding of how to tackle a challenge. I feel like I can come up with my own way of doing things after learning how from SMARTS.” –11th grade student

“I learned some of my weaknesses and one of them was that sometimes I don’t plan ahead for things; I feel like the SMARTS program taught me how to break it apart into pieces so I can do it one at a time and I don’t have to do it all at the last minute.” –5th grade student

Teachers Talk About SMARTS

“Executive function strategies are so important for kids, but where do they learn the strategies they need? Did you learn how to study? Did you learn how to organize? Schools say they are teaching these skills, but they really aren’t.” –Head of School, Laurel School, San Francisco, CA.

“Right now schools are designed around student learning outcomes such as grades and test scores, but we should really be teaching students the process of learning, the how and the why. Executive function strategies make the critical difference in successful learning. They are essential.” –School Psychologist, The Chickering School, Dover, MA

“Executive function strategies can benefit every child and every teacher. We felt we had to bring SMARTS to all our students, not just limit it to a special needs population.” –Head of School, K-8, Easton, CT

“SMARTS is improving my teaching. I can tell that when I give the kids a clear and well-structured idea of what I’m looking for, they are going to perform better. Because of SMARTS curriculum, I’m thinking twice about what I need to put on assignments to make things more transparent to them.” – 9th grade English Teacher, Reston, VA

The SMARTS evaluation tools helped us to identify kids who were especially in need of executive function supports. Some of these kids were struggling even though the teachers didn’t know it. SMARTS helped us to identify and support them. – Head of School, K-8, Easton, CT

“SMARTS is good because it breaks it down tasks, and each lesson in each unit gives students something to realize that they didn’t know about themselves before. I love it! This is the best program I’ve ever used.” —5th and 6th grade teacher, Easton Country Day, CT

“I would absolutely recommend SMARTS to other teachers. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 10. I’ll absolutely be using SMARTS next year.” —7th and 8th grade teacher, Easton Country Day, Easton, CT