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How to Use the SMARTS@Home Curriculum as an After-School Supplement

SMARTS@Home is an easy-to-use supplement to your child’s traditional schooling. The SMARTS@Home curriculum includes six units, each containing four lessons, and each lesson has all you need: slides, handouts, instructional videos, lesson extensions, and reflection activities.

Benefits of Using SMARTS@Home

Ready to Use Lessons: Using SMARTS@Home is easy! All you need to do is read over the background of the unit and lesson plan and print whatever is needed (only if you choose to use handouts instead of the digital interactive activities). Then have fun learning together with your child! 

Academic Application: The executive function strategies taught by SMARTS@Home are applicable for a range of academic tasks, helping students develop a more accurate understanding of their strengths and challenges, set and work towards personal goals, utilize time management tools, complete their work independently, and keep working when they get stuck.

Flexibility: In your busy family, flexibility is key. With SMARTS@Home, you have the option to determine your lesson schedule and how much time you spend on each lesson or unit. You can choose to use each unit as a monthly theme or spend more or less time on each lesson based on your child’s strengths and needs. You can also determine how long you want to continue the learning and application of each strategy through the use of extensions.

Individualized: You can modify instruction by determining question levels and allowing your child choices for certain activities (i.e., to draw, talk, act, etc.). Best of all, you can determine how you want to embed the strategies—both to support the academic content of your child’s regular schooling and in the daily activities of your home.

Training: SMARTS@Home contains a wide variety of resources where you can build your executive function know-how: program tutorials, background information, additional readings, and more.

Support: As a homeschooler, you may sometimes feel like you are traveling alone. With SMARTS@Home, you’re connected to a community of parents and educators around the world. You have access to the SMARTS@Home Facebook group and message board, not to mention ResearchILD’s publications, webinars, conferences, blogs, and an amazing SMARTS team!

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