SMARTS CONNECT Executive Function Curriculum for Middle School

SMARTS CONNECT, our research-based executive function curriculum for middle school, teaches the executive function strategies students need to set goals, think flexibly, organize and prioritize, monitor their work, and self-check. They develop the self-understanding and persistence to tackle challenging academic tasks such as time management, organizing their backpack, studying for a test, taking notes, and more.

Middle school comes with a host of new social and academic expectations and challenges. From increased test-taking to developing a social identity, to thrive, students need to be equipped with strategies for organization, planning, and time management, and more. SMARTS CONNECT does just that! This curriculum connects students with the strategies that empower them to navigate these critical tasks with confidence and to reach their full potential.

“Students made connections about how their strengths and challenges impacted their lives outside of school.” ​-8th grade special education teacher


  • Active: Our new program incorporates interactive activities for a truly engaging experience.
  • Empowering: Student reflection and learning is at the center of every lesson.
  • Research-based: Incorporating the research paradigm behind SMARTS, the executive function curriculum used by over 250,000 students worldwide!

What you get: 

  • 50 lessons that address the executive function strategies students need to succeed in middle school and beyond
  • Online lesson format with semi-scripted dialogue for teachers and embedded activities and videos
  • A unique three-tiered lesson levels system, allowing you to teach up to 3 years of content
  • Reusable handouts for use both digitally and hardcopy.
  • Extension follow up activities for extending strategy use to common areas of need (e.g., community building, self-advocacy, STEM, test taking, projects, essays, and more). There are over 400 extension ideas to choose from!
  • Teacher training videos and opportunities to learn from fellow SMARTS teachers.
  • Surveys and reflection sheets to assess students’ growth. For an extra charge, SMARTS educators can have access to MetaCOG Online, an interactive assessment tool for use with individual students up to full grades.

“I love the worksheets and reflection sheets as templates to use in future assignments. When I do this next year, I will use them for each of our larger projects.​” -6th grade general education teacher

Learn More about SMARTS CONNECT

  • Learn more about the importance of executive function in middle school and get a sneak peek of a SMARTS CONNECT lesson. Watch now!
  • Contact us to learn more about how SMARTS CONNECT meets your unique needs

Get SMARTS CONNECT for your students

  • SMARTS CONNECT is sold as an annual per-educator license; each educator with an active license can use SMARTS CONNECT with all of their students.
    • SMARTS CONNECT will be available to the public in early August
    • Pre-order and get SMARTS CONNECT for $719, $50 off the full price.
    • Bulk discounts and team packages are available; contact us to learn more.

“My students needed this!”​ -Middle school psychologist