Purchase Order Form (Elementary Curriculum)

Purchase Orders can be used for any size purchase. A subscription to SMARTS includes curricular materials, evaluation tools, discounts for training, and more. View full license terms of use here.

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Pricing is per SMARTS yearly subscription, for one teacher’s use only:

Elementary $595
Once you are an Elementary subscriber, you can purchase the SMARTS Elementary Workbook from our Resources Page.

Middle/High School $599

Multiple Subscriptions discounts apply if you are purchasing 10 or more subscriptions (Elementary and Middle/High School subscriptions may be combined to qualify.) To receive a discounted rate, please use our help form and let us help you complete your order.

SMARTS can be customized for entire schools and school districts. Contact us for more information.

  • Please send a scan of PO to [email protected] or fax it to 781-861-3701. SMARTS accounts will be created upon receipt. Payment is due 60 days from the date of PO.
  • NOTE: Before the SMARTS Online Curriculum can be accessed, we will need a name and email address for each subscriber. You can provide this information in the box above, or you can email or fax the information later. Please email [email protected] or fax the information to 781-861-3701. SMARTS accounts will be created when we have received this information and full payment.
    Please visit (https://smarts-ef.org/terms-and-conditions/) to view the Terms and Conditions. Check below to indicate your agreement.