Peer Mentoring Curriculum-Coming Soon!

Coming Soon! Peer Mentoring Curriculum

The SMARTS Peer Mentoring Curriculum—an evidence-based companion to the Executive Function Curriculum—blends selected executive function lessons with a mentor/mentee training program, enabling students to master strategies in a fun, supportive peer mentoring setting.

Research shows that peer mentoring can maximize the effectiveness of teaching executive function strategies. Over the past five years, we have implemented the SMARTS Executive Function and Peer Mentoring program in four Boston-area middle and high schools. Our work in these schools has shown that positive mentoring relationships create an environment where struggling students are more open to learning strategies, applying them to their schoolwork, and rethinking their approaches to school and life. Both mentors and mentees are empowered with strategies to succeed in school, while building supportive friendships and a more inclusive school community.

Stay tuned for updates!