Middle/High School Executive Function Curriculum

SMARTS Secondary is a comprehensive EF curriculum spanning the full academic year. It teaches middle and high school students essential executive function strategies that promote academic and life success.


SMART Secondary provides middle and high school grade teachers with the tools they need to teach students strategies for accessing important executive function processes. Each unit addresses an area of executive function crucial for success in school and life:

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Executive Function Strategies
  • Unit 2: Goal Setting
  • Unit 3: Thinking Flexibly
  • Unit 4: Organizing and Prioritizing Materials and Time
  • Unit 5: Organizing and Prioritizing Information
  • Unit 6: Remembering (memorizing)
  • Unit 7: Self-monitoring and Self-checking

Students develop the self understanding to know which strategies work best for them as well as why, where, when, and how to use those strategies to complete their work.

The SMARTS Secondary Curriculum works with existing curricula in general education classrooms, special education classrooms, and learning centers. The program teaches students executive function strategies that help them master challenging academic tasks, e.g., studying for tests, juggling homework and projects, reading and analyzing challenging material, and shifting flexibly especially when moving between in school, hybrid, and remote learning  environments.


30 lesson plans that give you the flexibility to teach only what you, and your students, need. Integrate the lessons into academic instruction, or use as a standalone EF curriculum. The choice is yours.


  • A comprehensive lesson plan
  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A student handout packet
  • Instructional videos
  • Student surveys
  • Reflection activities to boost students’ metacognition

All new users receive Getting Started support, including instructional videos, 1-to-1 support with a SMARTS associate, and a fully customized report with specific and concrete suggestions for getting started.

SMARTS Secondary also includes access to the Metacog(R) Metacognition Awareness Assessment System. These research-based surveys help teachers to understand their students’ perceptions of their own effort, strategy use, and academic performance. When teachers compare their perceptions with those of their students, they can more readily create a plan for the best strategies for closing the gap in these perceptions and support students’ academic success.

All SMARTS users receive discounts to ResearchILD conferences, webinars, and workshops.

Discounts are offered for purchases of 5+ licenses. School-wide and district- wide plans are also available.

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I used to be confused in my classes, but the SMARTS program helped me figure out ways to get all my work done. I learned strategies to help me remember, like making up really weird sentences, and that’s what would help me remember in the end.

–Middle School Student

All educators need a background in executive function. We all have strengths and challenges so knowing about executive function helps you understand your students and how to help them. It is never too early to teach students how to think about their learning and what strategies are best for their own learning style.

–Elementary School Teacher

The SMARTS program is important because it gives the students the executive function strategies they need to help them with their learning across all grade and subject areas.  For the past three years, we have used the SMARTS program across our entire school district and it has helped our students to identify and reach their academic goals while making them more independent learners.

–Director of Student Services

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