MetaCOG: Metacognitive Awareness Assessment System

The MetaCOG surveys, included in the SMARTS Online Executive Function Curriculum, were developed by ResearchILD in 2003. These research-based surveys help teachers to understand students’ views of their own effort, strategy use and academic performance. Further, the MetaCOG helps teachers to understand their own views of their students’ performance. When teachers can compare their own views with their students’ self-perceptions, they can more readily reach all students, teaching them to “learn how to learn,” over the course of the school year.

Please note that these surveys are not diagnostic measures; however, they can provide valuable information about your students’ use of executive function strategies as well as their self-concept, perceived effort, and persistence.

The MetaCOG surveys include:


    • The STRATUS-R—Accesses students’ perceptions of their executive function strategy use.
    • The ME-R—Measures students’ ratings of their own effort, persistence, and motivation.



  • The TPSE-R— Measures teachers’ ratings of their students’ effort, persistence, and motivation.


If you have a current SMARTS license, then the MetaCOG surveys are included. However, the surveys can be purchased separately by clicking the link below using a credit card of PayPal account. Contact us to pay with a PO or check. The cost includes shipping within the continental US. Please contact us for international orders.