SMARTS Elementary Workbook

Introducing the SMARTS Elementary Workbook for students in grades 2-5

The SMARTS Elementary curriculum, with over 100 handouts, now has a companion student workbook. No more lost time downloading and printing handouts for each lesson. With the workbook, all handouts are readily available so that each student can record and reflect on their work.

The workbook features 160 bound pages, covering 30 lessons and 7 units, and is sequenced in the order of the online curriculum. Designed in collaboration with teachers, the workbook is printed on high quality paper with age-appropriate images, font size, and plenty of space to write.


  • Each student can track their printed work as they proceed through guided instruction or independent work.
  • Workbooks issued at each grade level document student progress as they advance through the year — and throughout their elementary school experience.
  • Students demonstrate increased ownership of their work, and can easily refer back to completed assignments.

Workbooks are easy to order, with direct shipping options available.

Only schools with active SMARTS Elementary licenses can order workbooks. To begin the order process, log in to your SMARTS Elementary account and click on Student Workbook under the RESOURCES tab.