Full Executive Function Curriculum

CollageofCurriculumSMARTS Online is a research-based curriculum designed to teach executive function strategies.

SMARTS represents the next generation of programs based on ten years of in-school research and evaluation under the leadership of Dr. Lynn Meltzer and her team of educational researchers and teachers.

With a full access license, one teacher receives access to the complete SMARTS curriculum.  The full SMARTS curriculum includes:

  • 30 lesson plans arranged according to a specific executive function process: goal setting, organizing, prioritizing, thinking flexibly, remembering, and self-monitoring


  • All lessons include handouts, Powerpoint presentations, overview videos, and surveys to track students’ strategy use and developing self-awareness.


  • Activities to develop students’ self -understanding—metacognition—to assess what strategies work best for their learning style, as well as the why, where, when, and how to use these strategies


  • Students learn executive function strategies for homework, studying for tests, and planning long-term projects, writing assignments, checking their work, and remembering facts, formulas, and important information.


  • SMARTS is adaptable for students in grades 4-12 for use in both general education or special education classrooms, learning centers, clinical settings, homeschools, and tutoring sessions.


  • Lessons do not have to be taught in order, educators can select key lessons to reinforce specific strategies based on their students’ needs.


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