Elementary Executive Function Strategy Sets

Students, especially those with learning disabilities, including ADHD and dyslexia, benefit significantly when they learn executive function strategies.

Choose from 4 Strategy Sets curated from our SMARTS Elementary Executive Function Curriculum (grades 6-12). Looking for secondary strategy sets?

  1. WRITE TIGHT: Strategies for Purposeful Writing
  2. READ TO SUCCEED: Reading Comprehension Strategies

*For a limited time: each strategy set comes with a bonus lesson!

NOTE: Full access SMARTS educators do not need to purchase strategy sets as they already have access to these materials

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Write Tight

Help your students to become more thoughtful, purposeful and effective writers with strategies targeting writing skills.  Witness the evolution in your students’ work when you facilitate the use of self-checking strategies. Aid them in effectively organizing while promoting cognitive flexibility to improve their writing.

With the purchase of this executive function strategy set you will receive the following lessons:

Sorting and Categorizing using BOTEC The BOTEC organizational strategy (Brainstorming, Organizing, Topic Sentences, Evidence, Conclusion) helps students to brainstorm, organize and outline their writing before they begin.
Summarizing Stories Teach students to create summaries using the Star strategy, which helps them to understand the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of a text.
Triple Note Tote Students learn “Triple-Note-Tote,” a three-column strategy for note-taking and organizing information, which can be used across content areas.
BONUS LESSON: How can I use strategies to help me? Students learn to identify which strategies are individualized, systematic, efficient, and effective (I-SEE). Then, they examine their own strategies, refining them to ensure they fit the I-SEE model.

Read to Succeed

Successful reading comprehension asks students to identify the big picture and the supporting details as well as to analyze a text from multiple perspectives.  With this strategy set, you can help your students to actively read for meaning and with a purpose.

With the purchase of this executive function strategy set you will receive the following lessons:

Being Flexible and Shifting Expectations Help students to shift between multiple perspectives in reading and writing.
Skim and Scoop Students learn how to comprehend what they read efficiently and how to differentiate between the main ideas and details of a text.
Purposeful Highlighting Teach students strategies to use highlighting to identify multiple perspectives when reading and taking notes. This strategy also helps students highlight effectively and to avoid over-highlighting (the “yellow page syndrome”).
BONUS LESSON: How Do I Think Flexibly? Students discuss the concept of cognitive flexibility and its importance for strategy use. They complete an activity that illustrates how words can have multiple meanings.

Emotions and Learning

Help your students to develop the social emotional strategies they need to understand the perspectives of others and identify and manage their emotions.

With the purchase of this executive function strategy set you will receive the following lessons:

Manage my Mood Students learn to develop an awareness of their mood in different situations and the impact it has on learning
What Hat am I Wearing? Teach student to check their behavior to ensure that it matches the situation they are in and the task at hand.
I’m Wearing your Shoes Students explore shifting between multiple perspectives in social situations.
BONUS LESSON: How Can I Manage my Work? In this lesson, students are introduced to the five executive function processes and identify their strengths and challenges in three of these processes. Name of the bonus lesson?

Managing Time

Planning time is critically important for helping students to accomplish their goals.  Organizing and prioritizing are the cornerstones of executive function because your students must meet deadlines and organize tasks in order to create the best school-life balance.  Teach this set of strategies to start them off in the right direction!

With the purchase of this executive function strategy set you will receive the following lessons:

I CANDO my Goals! Teach students to set (and achieve!) personal goals that are Clear, Appropriate, Numerical, Doable and with Obstacles considered.
Developing an Understanding of Time Help students to examine their understanding of time and see the importance of measuring time.
Prioritizing Time Students learn to think in terms of Have To’s (obligations) and Want To’s (aspirations) while expressing their intentions visually in a daily planner.
BONUS LESSON: How Do I Think About my Thinking?? Students learn the definition of metacognition, explore their strengths, and reflect on ways that metacognitive awareness can help them to become strategic learners.