Executive Function Training

SMARTS offers engaging and practical executive function training throughout the year. Our professional development offerings are perfect for special education teachers, general education teachers, school psychologists, tutors, anyone who is interested in learning more about the transformative power of executive function strategy instruction!

Check out our upcoming executive function training opportunities below.  And, as always, we have special discounts for current SMARTS users. We hope to see you there!

Executive Function Essentials: A comprehensive tool kit for remote and in-class learning

Build your executive function toolkit with sessions that cover topics such as metacognition, organization, flexible problem solving, motivation, engagement and even math and dyslexia. Attendees will develop a practical appreciation of the latest research and will walk away with easy to use strategies and activities.

Register and attend one or more sessions, depending on your teaching goals. All presentations will be recorded if you cannot attend during each live event. Register for all 4 executive function sessions for a special price! For volume discounts, please contact Jamie Cutler, Director of Marketing and Communication at [email protected].

Executive Function: The Key to Unlocking Success and Reducing Anxiety

Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 3:30-5:30 PM EST

Presented by: Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D.

HOW do we empower students to learn HOW to learn so that we can reduce stress and promote academic success in school and in life? This presentation will provide an overview of executive function and metacognition and will focus on the what, why, how of teaching executive function across the grades and content areas. Attendees will learn practical strategies for promoting metacognitive awareness, flexible thinking, and executive function and for reducing stress as part of the classroom curriculum. Register here. 

Executive Function and Stress Reduction: Flexible Thinking Strategies for Getting Unstuck

Thursday, February 25, 2021, 3:30-5:30 PM EST

Presented by: Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. and Donna Kincaid, M.Ed.

How can executive function strategies help students to learn when their funnels (or brains) get clogged and they become overwhelmed and anxious?  Join us to learn practical, hands-on strategies that help students to think flexibly, overcome obstacles, and reduce stress as they master their work at home and in the classroom. Register here. 

Organizing, Prioritizing, and Self-Checking: Practical Strategies for the Classroom

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 3:30-5:30 PM EST

Presented by: Donna Kincaid, M.Ed.

Are your students struggling with organizing and prioritizing their time, ideas, and materials?  Are they rushing to get assignments done without checking their work?  Organizing and prioritizing have become even more critical during remote and hybrid learning for students as well as for teachers and parents.  Join us to learn proven practical strategies that work across grade levels, content areas, and learning environments. Register here. 

Executive Function and Independent Learning: Strengthening Motivation and Engagement

Thursday, March 25, 2021 3:30-5:30 PM EST PM

Presented by: Michael Greschler, M.Ed.

What is the relationship between motivation, engagement, and executive function? Join us to learn how to use executive function strategies to promote students who can overcome procrastination and utilize executive function strategies independently in their work. Register here. 

Looking to learn more about content areas such as math and reading? We are proud to partner with our colleagues at the Institute for Learning and Development to expand our offerings.

Understanding Dyslexia: Beyond P’s & Q’S

Thursday, March 4, 4:00-5:15 PM, EST

Presented by: Wendy Stacey, M.S.

In this webinar, participants will become familiar with current research, learn the hallmark characteristics of dyslexia, and gain an understanding of students’ academic needs. Learn specific screening tools and online activities to engage learners while improving their reading skills. Register here. 

Reaching for Joy in Math Learning: Embracing Executive Function Processes and Strategic Instruction for Students who Struggle

Thursday, April 1, 4:00-5:15 PM, EST

Presented by: Joan Steinberg, M.Ed.

This session will explore important executive function processes as they pertain specifically to math. We will discuss ways that teachers can integrate strategy instruction into the curriculum and establish teaching practices to support students’ executive skills. Register here.