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SMARTS Conversation: Goal Setting

Goal setting is at the heart of executive function. However, misaligned expectations and a lack of effective strategies can hinder students’ ability to set appropriately challenging and motivating goals. In this session, we will explore the importance of teaching strategies for goal setting across grades and content areas. Join Michael Greschler, M.Ed., Shelly Levy, M.Ed., […]

Tiers of EF Support – Executive Function in Special Education and General Education Settings:

Learn how to effectively implement the SMARTS Executive Function curriculum across all tiers of support, from school-wide initiatives to individual student interventions. Hear from a panel of experienced SMARTS educators who will share their insights and strategies for successful implementation in both special education and general education settings. Learn more about our free winter webinar […]


SMARTS Conversation:MetaCOG Surveys & Toolkit (Self-Understanding)

With the school year well underway, it’s still a great time to administer the MetaCOG Surveys to collect information on students’ EF strategy use and motivation. This dynamic, interactive executive function survey tool features two surveys: the STRATUS (Strategy Use Survey) and the ME (Motivation and Effort Survey). In addition to using the surveys to […]

Executive Function and Self-checking – Empowering Students to Monitor and Improve Their Work: Session 3 of The Power of Executive Function Webinar Serie

Equip your students with the self-checking skills they need to take ownership of their learning and improve their academic performance. This session will explore a range of practical strategies for helping students monitor their work for accuracy, completeness, and consistency, from test-taking to writing assignments and project work. Learn more about our free winter webinar […]


SMARTS Conversation: Standardized Tests

Standardized tests can be a daunting experience for students, but with the right strategies and support, they can excel and achieve their desired scores. In this session, we will explore the importance of teaching practical test-taking strategies that can be used across tests to not only boost scores but to improve student confidence for the […]

SMARTS Conversation: Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) has emerged as a crucial element of a well-rounded education. Nurturing students' social and emotional competencies is essential for their overall well-being, academic success, and future readiness. In this session, we will delve into the world of effective SEL strategies, equipping you with the tools to empower students to navigate their emotions, […]

SMARTS Conversation: Technology (AI, writing, and more!)

In today's world, technology is radically changing many aspects of our lives, and executive function is no exception. In some cases, technology represents a dangerous “shortcut” that can undermine student learning and their ability to engage in EF related tasks down the road; however, when used properly, technology can make EF demands more visible and […]

SMARTS Conversation: Ending the School Year with the MetaCOG Surveys & Toolkit

Want to learn more about what motivates your students, identify where they could use EF support, and help them build their self-understanding? Look no further than the MetaCOG Surveys & Toolkit. This dynamic, interactive executive function survey tool features two surveys: the STRATUS (Strategy Use Survey) and the ME (Motivation and Effort Survey). The end […]

Executive Function and Middle School Success: Introducing the Launch of SMARTS Connect Curriculum

Middle school presents a unique set of obstacles for students – juggling classes, navigating social-emotional demands, and developing independent learning habits can be overwhelming. This can be especially true for students with learning differences like ADHD or dyslexia, who may struggle with time management, organization, and self-regulation. SMARTS Connect, the newest program from SMARTS, specifically […]

SMARTS Conversation: Stop, Review, and Reflect

As the year draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the milestones achieved and the lessons learned. Join us for a year-end wrap-up session where we'll take a look back at the transformative journey of empowering students through executive function strategies. In our final conversation of the year, Michael Greschler, M.Ed., Shelly Levy, […]

SMARTS Conversation: Get to Know SMARTS CONNECT!

Introducing SMARTS CONNECT! The newest SMARTS program, available for the 2024-2025 school year. SMARTS CONNECT specifically targets the developmental needs of middle school students. With over 50 lessons to choose from, we’ve developed a unique three lesson level system to provide 3 years of power executive function strategies. SMARTS CONNECT uses an engaging and interactive […]