Executive Function Essentials 2022

Executive Function Essentials 2022: Metacognition and Executive Function

Metacognition and Executive Function: Practical Tools for Motivating Students and Reducing Stress in the Classroom Presented by: Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. The recent challenges of implementing online and hybrid models of learning have highlighted the critical importance of teaching students strategies for goal-setting, organizing, prioritizing, thinking flexibly, memorizing, and self-monitoring. These executive function strategies affect students’ […]


Executive Function Essentials 2022: From Long-term Assignments to Project Based Learning

From Long-term Assignments to Project Based Learning: Executive Function Strategies for Essays, Papers, and Projects (oh my!) Presented by: Michael Greschler, M.Ed. and Elizabeth Ross, M.A. Long-term assignments are a chance for students to really dig into a topic. They can explore issues that they find personally interesting, analyze and evaluate various sources, and express themselves […]


Executive Function Essentials 2022: Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning

Executive Function and Social Emotional Learning: Strategies to Promote Perspective Taking, Goal Setting, Flexible Thinking Presented by: Michael Greschler, M.Ed.  Students who struggle with stress, anxiety, fear and depression often struggle in school. They may only be able to put in minimal effort or cling to inefficient strategies, prey to exaggerated fears and worries about their […]