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The Executive Function Conference

The Executive Function Conference EXECUTIVE FUNCTION & SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: Promoting Resilience, Stress Management, and Academic Success November 3-4, 2022 – Online! Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D., Founder and Conference Chair Regular Price: $565 *Special discount for SMARTS Subscribers: $499 This 37th Annual Executive Function Conference will address the close connections between executive function and social-emotional learning and the importance […]

Free Webinar: Executive Function Strategies as a Blueprint for Academic Success: The SMARTS Curriculum

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Success in our fast-paced, high-stakes schools is dependent on executive function processes including setting appropriate goals, thinking flexibly, shifting approaches to problems, as well as organizing and prioritizing time, information, and ideas. Why do so many students seem to struggle with executive function? How can teachers and parents support students to handle the executive function […]


2022 SMARTS Executive Function Summer Workshop

Will you be teaching SMARTS next year? Spend time with the SMARTS team explore the curriculum, dig into SMARTS strategies, learn with your peers, and develop a customized implementation plan for a new year. Our SMARTS Workshop will be held the week of 8/8 comprising 7 hours of hands-on training led by SMARTS staff.  Join […]