Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SMARTS?

SMARTS contains practical tools to teach executive function strategies, also known as executive function skills, for organization, time management, planning, prioritizing, flexible thinking, self-monitoring and checking, and memory. With SMARTS, students develop the self-understanding to know which strategies work for them as well as why, where, when and how to use strategies to complete their homework, to plan for long-term projects, and to study for tests.

What grades is SMARTS designed for?

SMARTS is designed for grades 6-12. However, by adapting the difficulty of SMARTS activities, SMARTS would be appropriate with younger or older students as young as grade 4 all the way up to college.

Is SMARTS only for students with learning differences?

No. SMARTS benefits ALL students by helping them to “learn about how they learn” across every subject area.

Where can I use SMARTS?

SMARTS can be used in special education settings, such as study skills classes or learning centers, as well as in traditional classrooms.

How long is each session?

Each SMARTS lesson can be taught in one class period or in segments across multiple class periods. We know your time is valuable — we’ve designed easy breaking points within lessons.

Can I teach SMARTS lessons in any order?

Yes! Simply select lessons to match your curriculum goals and the needs of your students. When you subscribe to SMARTS, we’ll provide you with resources to help you chose and schedule lessons based upon your time, your curriculum, and your school.

What are the benefits of adding SMARTS to my teaching?

Students’ academic success depends on their ability to plan, organize materials and information, think flexibly, and monitor their own progress. SMARTS provides you with ready-to-use lessons to teach students executive function strategies that help them learn how to learn. By fostering a culture of strategy use in your classroom, you can help students improve academically and increase their academic self-confidence and their effort to succeed.

How much does it cost?

A Full Access License for the SMARTS Online Executive Function Program costs $575 for one teacher. This includes

  • 30 executive function strategy lesson plans with accompanying PowerPoint presentations, videos, and handouts
  • SMARTS Training Videos to help you get the most out of the curriculum
  • Planning Resources you can use to select the best lessons for your students and prepare to teach
  • Surveys to help you and your students understand their learning profile of strengths and challenges

We also have a number of Executive Function Strategy sets available, as well as professional development options. Take a look at all of our SMARTS offerings here.


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