Mindful Holiday Moments

Mindful Holiday Moments

Happy Holidays from everyone on the SMARTS Executive Function team! We wish you a relaxing break, and we hope that your 2023 is filled with effective executive function strategies.

Making Time for Mindful Holiday Moments

The holiday season can be an overwhelming time of year, so it’s important to make time for mindful moments. Why not take time to incorporate mindfulness practices while reflecting on the past year and setting intentions for 2023?

Before the holiday break begins, it can help to carve out quiet times for students as well. Over the past two decades, school-based mindfulness programs have risen in popularity to help address the stress, anxiety, and dysregulation students are facing in their daily lives.

To get started at home or in school, check out these mindfulness-centered blog posts:

Build Your Executive Function Toolkit in 2023

Are you interested in building your Executive Function Toolkit? Join us in February and March to hear from EF experts on topics such as the intersection of EF and social-emotional learning, time management, Universal Design for Learning, and goal setting. Learn more and register today.

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

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