MetaCOG Online: Building Student Self-Understanding

MetaCOG Online: Building Student Self-Understanding

What Is MetaCOG Online?

MetaCOG Online is an interactive executive function survey system that helps students develop an understanding of their learning profiles.

This unique online survey:

  • Enables students to understand and reflect upon their personalized EF profiles
  • Provides teachers with a class summary and action plan framework based on their students’ needs
  • Can be used by educators and educational therapists to spark conversation with students about their EF strengths, challenges, and strategy use

Build Student’s Self-Understanding with MetaCOG Online 

In addition to serving as a powerful tool for data collection in the classroom, MetaCOG Online helps students understand themselves as learners. Self-reflection, a key component of the MetaCOG Online process, is essential for students to think metacognitively, understand their strengths and challenges, and begin to plan their future strategy use.

Once students complete the MetaCOG survey and review their profiles, teachers are encouraged to build in time for independent student reflection or small-group/whole-class discussions. The discussions that arise from MetaCOG Online reflections can help students build their self-understanding, which is at the heart of developing a sense of identity and belonging.

It is important to embrace students’ identities and promote self-advocacy to build stronger and better learning experiences for all students. Promoting metacognition can help students develop the skills they need to create and maintain successful relationships.

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

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