MetaCOG Online

MetaCOG Online

What Is MetaCOG Online?

MetaCOG Online is an interactive executive function survey system that helps students develop an understanding of their learning profiles, including their executive function strengths and challenges.

This unique online survey:

  • Enables students to understand and reflect upon their personalized EF profiles
  • Provides teachers with a class summary and action plan framework based on their students’ needs
  • Can be used by educators and educational therapists to spark conversation with students about their EF strengths, challenges, and strategy use

MetaCOG Online and Data Collection 

MetaCOG Online can be used to collect data about students’ EF strategy use at multiple points throughout the school year.

With each use of the survey tool, teachers receive a class report that displays the overall EF strengths and challenges for the students in their classes. The survey also results in a list of SMARTS lessons that target students’ challenges and the fundamental skills they need to succeed. Using suggested lessons for each student, teachers can personalize strategy instruction for individual students or small groups. 

Students receive individualized profiles of their EF strengths and challenges, which helps them to understand how they can improve. Teachers can review their students’ responses to individual questions, allowing them to provide targeted support as needed. 

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

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