Fostering Learning and Positive Behavior in Students

Fostering Learning and Positive Behavior in Students

Save the date — November 9 & 10, 2023 — for Research Institute for Learning and Development’s 38th Annual Executive Function Conference. This year’s theme is Executive Function, Motivation, and Engagement: Fostering Social-Emotional Learning and Positive Behavior in Students. Here are just a few of the exciting speakers you’ll hear from.

The Power of Exercise

John Ratey, M.D., is associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and an internationally recognized expert in neuropsychiatry. He is set to deliver a presentation titled “Exercise: An Antidote to Stress for Challenging Times.”

Dr. Ratey will delve into the profound effects of physical activity on reducing stress and enhancing resilience, especially during difficult periods. With a wealth of evidence, he will demonstrate how exercise stimulates the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain, alleviating anxiety and depression. Dr. Ratey’s talk will inspire educators to embrace regular exercise as a powerful tool to navigate through stress and promote overall well-being.

Alternatives to Controlling Students’ Behavior

Alfie Kohn, Ph.D., is an author and lecturer in the areas of education, parenting, and human behavior. He is preparing to deliver a presentation titled “Beyond Bribes and Threats: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom About Discipline and Motivation.”

Known for his progressive views on education and parenting, Dr. Kohn will explore alternative approaches to discipline and motivation that challenge the traditional use of rewards and punishments. Drawing from extensive research, he will emphasize the significance of autonomy, meaningful engagement, and nurturing a genuine desire to learn.

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