Introducing SMARTS CONNECT — Executive Function Lessons for Middle School

Introducing SMARTS CONNECT — Executive Function Lessons for Middle School

We’re excited to introduce our newest SMARTS program — SMARTS CONNECT. Containing over 50 lessons, SMARTS CONNECT targets key executive function processes while addressing the developmental needs of middle school students.

Middle School Challenges for Students with Learning Differences

Juggling classes, navigating social-emotional demands, and developing independent learning habits can be overwhelming for all middle schoolers. Students with learning differences like ADHD or dyslexia may especially struggle with time management, organization, and self-regulation. These students may have difficulty keeping track of assignments, managing their time effectively, and staying focused in class. Others may have trouble with working memory, making it challenging to follow multi-step directions or remember important information.

Supporting Students with Executive Function Challenges

The challenges many middle school students face can be addressed through executive function strategy instruction. The research is clear: when students are explicitly taught executive function strategies, their academic performance, self-understanding, and effort improve. As teachers, it’s important to be aware of these challenges and to provide support and accommodations to help students overcome them. This may include breaking down tasks into smaller, more manageable steps; providing visual aids or organizational tools; and offering frequent check-ins.


SMARTS CONNECT, the newest program from SMARTS, specifically targets key executive function processes (such as time management, goal setting, organization, and self-regulation) and addresses the developmental needs of middle school students.


  • Interactive: Our new program incorporates hands-on activities for a participatory interactive experience.
  • Engaging: Activities focus on student engagement and participation.
  • Empowering: Student reflection and learning is at the center of every lesson.
  • Research-based: Incorporates the research paradigm behind SMARTS, the executive function curriculum used by over 250,000 students worldwide!

Inside SMARTS CONNECT, you’ll find:

  • 50+ lessons to choose from
  • A unique three-lesson level system to provide three years of powerful executive function strategies
  • An interactive platform that centers student learning and self-understanding, helping middle schoolers thrive and head to high school with confidence

SMARTS, the leader in research-based executive function curricula, is used by over 250,000 students worldwide. SMARTS strategies empower students by reducing stress, boosting confidence and motivation, increasing independence and self-reliance, and helping them achieve lasting academic success. Learn more about SMARTS CONNECT and pre-order the curriculum.