Elevate Your Teaching with SMARTS at the Start of the School Year

Elevate Your Teaching with SMARTS at the Start of the School Year

As we step into a fresh school year filled with opportunities, it’s time to explore innovative ways to empower our students for success. One invaluable resource is the SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum. Designed to enhance students’ executive function skills, this comprehensive program is a game-changer. Let’s dive into why SMARTS is a must-have tool for every teacher at the start of the school year.

Understanding SMARTS

SMARTS is a research-based executive function curriculum that equips students with essential strategies for their academic and personal growth. SMARTS empowers students to learn how to learn and become more confident learners by focusing on:

  • Goal setting
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • Organization of time and materials
  • Organization of information and ideas
  • Working memory
  • Self-monitoring/self-checking

Benefits of SMARTS for Teachers

1. Comprehensive and Ready-to-Use: SMARTS offers a ready-to-use curriculum that saves you valuable time in planning and preparation. Its comprehensive nature ensures that all important executive function strategies are covered systematically.

2. Personalized Learning: SMARTS caters to the unique needs of individual students, allowing you to differentiate instruction effectively. This personalized approach fosters greater engagement and success among all learners. Tools such as the lesson focus sorter and the MetaCOG Surveys can help you customize your implementation.

3. Online or In the Classroom: Whether you teach in-person or online, SMARTS seamlessly integrates into your teaching environment, making it a versatile asset for the modern classroom.

4. Metacognitive Focus: The SMARTS curriculum encourages metacognitive reflection, enabling students to become aware of their learning processes and strategies. This cultivates a growth mindset and a deeper understanding of their own strengths, challenges, and interests.

As you prepare for the upcoming school year, consider integrating SMARTS into your teaching toolkit. This comprehensive executive function curriculum equips you with the resources and strategies to foster essential cognitive skills in your students. By empowering your students to become more organized, focused, and adaptable learners, you’ll set them up for success.

Join Us! If you will be teaching SMARTS this year, join us for the SMARTS Executive Function Workshop (recordings available through December 2023). Come spend time with the SMARTS team to explore the curriculum, dig into strategies, learn with your peers, and develop a customized implementation plan for the year ahead.

SMARTS Executive Function Curriculum: smarts-ef.org

Research Institute for Learning and Development: researchild.org