36th Annual EF Conference Spotlight: Panel Presentations

36th Annual EF Conference Spotlight: Panel Presentations

This is the ninth post in a series that highlights the speakers of this year’s 36th Annual Executive Function Conference, which will focus on promoting resilience and equity for ALL students.

On November 11–12, we are honored to host three panels of educators and experts who will address the close connections between executive function, stress, persistence, and school performance. Conference attendees can view these panels live and submit questions for the panelists. These presentations will also be recorded, and conference attendees will have access to them until January 31, 2022.

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Panel 1: Executive Function and Equity in Schools – Success Stories from Administrators and Teachers

Regine Philippeaux, Ed.D., Deputy Chief of Equity and Strategy, Boston Public Schools

Donna Bowen, M.S., Learning Specialist, Merrick Academy Charter School, Queens, NY, and ResearchILD EF & Equity Fellow

Julie Jarvis, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Fremont Public Schools, WY

Veronica Miller, M.S., Instructional Facilitator at Arapahoe Schools, Wind River Reservation, WY

Emily Petty, B.S., 6th-grade teacher, Arapahoe Middle School, Wind River Reservation, WY


Panel 2: Addressing EF, Social-Emotional Learning Skills, and Classroom Learning – Practical Strategies that Work in Classrooms

Michael Greschler, M.Ed., Director, SMARTS Program, ResearchILD; Educational Specialist, ILD

Joan Sedita, M.Ed., Founder of Keys to Literacy

Kim Carter, M.Ed., Founder and Executive Director, Q.E.D. Foundation

Anthony S. Bashir, Ph.D.,CCC-SLP, Educational Consultant; Adjunct Professor, The Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College

Bonnie Singer, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Founder and CEO of Vivido and Architects for Learning


Panel 3: Reducing Stress to Foster Success During Classwork and Homework

Donna Kincaid, M.Ed., Assistant Director and Director of Outreach and Training, Institutes for Learning and Development (ResearchILD and ILD)

Shelly Levy, M.Ed., M.S., Educational Specialist, ILD; SMARTS Curriculum Coordinator, ResearchILD

Sucheta Kamath, M.A., M.A., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS, Founder/CEO of ExQ, LLC

Mindy Scirri, Ph.D., Learning (Dis)ability Specialist and Consultant, Learnabilities

Chris Willard, Psy.D., Lecturer in Psychiatry, Part-Time Harvard Medical School Faculty

David Melnick, LICSW, Co-Director, Outpatient Services, Northeastern Family Institute, VT; Fellow, ChildTrauma Academy

Learn More

You can learn more about the panelists and their work by attending ResearchILD’s 36th Annual Executive Function Conference on November 11th and 12th. 

  • Caitlin Vanderberg, M.Ed., SMARTS Associate

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