36th Annual EF Conference Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Linda Nathan on the Arts and Equity

36th Annual EF Conference Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Linda Nathan on the Arts and Equity

This is the sixth post in a series that highlights the speakers of this year’s 36th Annual Executive Function Conference, which will focus on promoting resilience and equity for ALL students.

This November, we are honored to feature Linda Nathan, Ed.D, who will offer a session on “Using Arts to Create Schools that Address Students’ Strengths and Embed Equity.”

The Power of Arts to Change Our Schools

Educators everywhere face the critical challenge of preparing their students to solve complex problems, and the performing and visual arts offer unique ways to engage and connect students. Theater productions, for example, encourage students to consider various perspectives and take part in cognitive flexibility exercises. The visual arts teach students to sustain their creative endeavors and to persist when they encounter challenges. At ResearchILD’s 36th Annual Executive Function Conference, Dr. Linda Nathan will describe examples of schools that have focused on the arts as a means of improving students’ social-emotional and academic outcomes. Dr. Nathan will also discuss a vision for schools to draw on the arts to highlight students’ strengths and identities. 

Linda Nathan, Ed.D, is the Director of the Perrone-Sizer Institute for Creative Leadership (PSI), which is a training program for emerging leaders in public urban education. Dr. Nathan is also a Strategic Partnership Advisor at Hale Education and an Adjunct Lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Cambridge College.

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