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What is SMARTS?

SMARTS is an executive function strategy curriculum that is accessible online,  available for both elementary and secondary grade levels.  SMARTS teaches strategies for organization, time management, planning, prioritizing, flexible thinking, self-monitoring, checking, and accessing working memory.  Students learn to use strategies and then apply strategies to complete homework, plan for long-term projects and study for tests while developing greater self-understanding, also known as metacognition.  SMARTS is designed for ALL students, but is essential for students who learn differently, including those with ADHD, dyslexia and other EF-related challenges.

What grades is SMARTS designed to teach?

SMARTS Elementary is designed for grades 2-5, and SMARTS Secondary is designed for grades 6-12. However, select the curriculum that most closely reflects the needs of your students. By adapting the difficulty of SMARTS activities, teachers have founds SMARTS to be appropriate with younger or older students as young as Pre-K all the way up to college.

Which education settings are best suited for teaching SMARTS?

SMARTS can be used in general education settings grade levels and content areas (e.g. English, Language Arts, Math, Science, etc. ),  special education settings, such as study skills classes or learning centers, as well as homeroom or advisory blocks. SMARTS can be used with whole groups, small groups and one on one.

How long is each SMARTS lesson? 

Each SMARTS lesson can be taught in one class period or taught across multiple class periods. We know your time is valuable — we’ve designed easy breaking points within lessons and it is not necessary to teach all 30 lessons in order; there is no defined scope and sequence. SMARTS  lessons can be taught in any order and can be customized to match the particular goals and needs for your students.    As a SMARTS educator, you’ll receive customized support that can help you to choose the lessons that will best suit your time, your existing curriculum and your classroom objectives.

 What are the benefits of adding SMARTS to my teaching?   

Even in the early grades, students’ academic success depends on their ability to plan, organize materials and information, think flexibly, monitor their own progress, manage time and self-monitor.  When you foster a culture of Executive Function use in your classroom, you teach students the strategies they need to learn how to learn, strategies that increase their self-confidence, persistence and resilience.

 What is the price?

A full access license for SMARTS for secondary grades is available on a per teacher basis for $599, renewable annually.  SMARTS for elementary grades is available on a per teacher basis for $595, renewable annually.

For both SMARTS Elementary and Secondary programs, we offer volume discounts for multi-unit purchases by schools or districts.  Professional development and customized training packages are also available. We also have a number of Executive Function Strategy sets available. Take a look at all of our SMARTS offerings here.

For more information on all these offerings, please contact us.

What are some of the additional benefits of becoming a SMARTS Subscriber?

We offer a variety of planning resources to ensure that your students receive the full benefit from instruction.  Phone and online training and planning resources are available.

SMARTS subscribers also receive discounts on events such as  ResearchIILD’s two annual Conferences, (The Learning Differences Conference in March and the Executive Function Conference in October) and periodic trainings that take place in proximity to our Lexington, MA headquarters.

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